Pilot practice

Well I’m at day 7 of the 10 day drone pilot practice course and things are coming along fairly well. One thing I’m finally getting down is the “holding” position which really gave me trouble with the toy quad-copter.

Maneuvering is getting better and I’m starting to be able to practice the “yaw” exercise now that I’m getting the unit to hold in one position on a horizontal plane. I have about an hour or more a day in the practice ( quite a bit more than the 20 minute recommendation). I guess I just need  more hand eye co-ordination practice than others might but I’m having a lot of fun with the practice and looking forward to getting my Phantom 3.

More video to come soon.

Drone Blog

Allrighty then were up and running so lets get blogging about drones and drone video. My interest in travel, travel writing freelance and photography has led me to the exciting world of drone videography. I’m just getting started and I wanted to journal my experiences and progress as a drone pilot, and starting a business in the aerial video photography arena. Here is my first drone video. Scroll down the face book page find it.

First drone video