Guest Post – 6 Interesting Commercial Uses of Drones by Oliver McClintock

Photography and motion film-making are the primary industries UAV or drone is mostly used. However, as time passes by lots of companies use unmanned aircraft system in their services.

From precision agriculture to commercial aerial surveillance, quadcopters are a multi-purpose aircraft that offers a lot of usage and application, especially in business sectors. Whatever it may be, keeping a tab on the direction drone use is moving in is now essential to every business owner, and could be your next key to success.

As the national laws become less strict, having a drone will soon be more readily accessible and popular. In other words: the time is now to get in on the drone rush. Just having one puts you a step above a competitor, and pushes your company from amateurish into the professional realm. That is why, first and foremost, we have to understand the essential thing about drones, which is their value or better yet, their edge.

Usage and Application of Drones in Business

Will UAVs or drones be part of your business in the future? Listed below are the top 6 uses of UAVs or drones for enterprises and firms.

Agriculture/Aerial Crop Survey

Agriculture farmers could benefit from quads in different ways. Many in the drone industry cite farming as a massive opportunity area for UAV technology. Drones can save farmers cash by supporting them conduct aerial crop surveillance, study and map the land and its water sources systems. Utilizing drones in the agriculture sector can assist time-consuming projects. Plus, drones or UAVs can get equipped with pesticide spray, fertilizers, water for crops.

Aerial Surveillance for Engineering Projects

Engineering companies are also making use of drones or UAVs on critical projects like airport planning, maintenance and road construction as well as building, and other infrastructure projects. Using drone technology in performing surveying work can help their job in many significant ways, like increasing efficiency and productivity.

Courier Services

Companies like DHL and Amazon are on the verge of fully implementing the future drone to provide quick delivery services to different customers. It is not only cost-effective at lowering dispatching costs but very much efficient as well. You would prefer your parcel delivered to your doorstep within minutes than days. The future drone will even deliver your freshly made pizza to your door.

Small and Large News Corporation

Media coverage is other areas were drones or UAVs are widely used. From small-scale press outlets to big news corporation, drone technology has been used to record the aerial video for breaking news coverage. Plus, drones can enter tighter areas to log a one-on-one interview by using engaging and dynamic camera-equipped quadcopter hovering to any locations.

Architecture and Construction Business

Construction and architectural firms business are also benefiting from the usage of UAV or drones. Architects can use footage and images of real estate to create three-dimensional structures renderings they try to build. By producing aerial shots from one location to the other, architects can form their projects realistic concepts.

Environmental Monitoring and Surveillance

Technology can get utilized to maintain tabs on environments. Unmanned systems are discrete as well as can monitor wildlife populations without interfering them. This kind of monitoring provides vital understandings for conservation purposes, flood assessment, habitat management, migration tracking, which is especially helpful on the shorelines. Drones also show information on the animal populations and vegetative health, and the platform offers a distinctive ability to determine species in challenging to reach locations.


Besides, with the mention applications above, drones are finding immense popularity in areas like weather forecasts, search and rescue operations, disaster relief, home security, road patrol, etc. The list of examples is endless and just another reason why drones are officially here to stay. So grab a new drone, send it off and start inventing your future today.

About the Author

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