Follow this Drone originally began as a website to document my journey as a new drone pilot. My learning curve, experience, and some of the video and photographing that I’ve done in the process. Initially, I got interested in drones as a way to enhance my travel articles and provide unique angles and images for publications. You can read some of my travel articles here: www.jedvaughn.com

Since then, I have ventured into various aspects of flying drones and making some extra cash. I’ve done drone mapping, roof inspections, real estate, promotional videos for resorts & golf courses, and of course documented a lot of my travel experiences.

As of yet, I haven’t really developed a blog and posted on a regular basis. That is something that I’m drawn to start doing at this time. Even though much of my journey is documented and available here on the site, I haven’t structured it in such a way as to attract an audience of interested and like-minded people. Please feel free to subscribe to opt-in for the site and you will automatically receive new posts.

In two weeks I will be on a Schooner Zodiac cruise in the San Juan Islands north of Seattle. I will be writing 3 articles on the press trip and will be utilizing the drone at every opportunity. We will be hitting 6 lighthouse stations over a period of 3 nights and 4 days. I’ll be aboard a 160 foot vessel that has been fully restored and is the oldest Tallship on the West Coast. Hoping for great sailing weather, not only for the experience, but also for the opportunities to fly the Phantom 3.
Stay tuned or opt-in to see some of my photos and hear about the experience.

If you’re new to my site, please check out some of my older posts and take a peek at where I started. Have an awesome week!

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