Firmware Updates for DJI / Phantom 3

I ‘m still battlling with the firmware issue on my Phantom 3 Advanced. Last fall the 1.06 firmware update came out and to this day I have still not been able to download the version. I was in Mexico when it was released, and after attempting to install it my aircraft had a critical error. It is now late march 2016 and I still have not been able to resolve the issue. My phantom has been on the service center workbench twice. I requested they insure the update was on the aircraft before returning it to me but they failed to do it. I keep calling them and they keep running me through the same song and dance. I’m at a loss as of how to proceed. They have now released a 1.07 version of the firmware, and it is acting the same way. They advise me not to skip an update so here I am still using the 1.05 version. The machine still flys and functions, but without the new functions of the latest firmware. They will not say that it’s ok to fly this way but I have no choice at this point.



The weather is beginning to get better and the sun should be out this week. I’ll be back posting new video soon, provided the Phantom continues to operate under the current firmware on it.

Estrella Del Mar Golf Course Video

Here is a video  of Estrella Del Mar Golf Course produced by Northwest Drone video. We are now beginning to make services available including land based and drone video, graphic design and editing,  and copywriting for promotional material,

I took  the drone footage and many of the stills. Some of these still shots are from the Estrella Del Mar website, and Phil Coats edited and did the graphics. This golf course is just down the beach a few miles from Stone Island. A very nice locale for a set of links and hotel. About 8 of us rode  motos down and it wasa  very fun and pleasant ride down on the edge of the ocean. Nearby a river enters the ocean and it is where the sea turtles come to lay their eggs every year. I will be returning to the area with the drone to gather some more footage in the near future.

The president of Mexico stayed here for a vacation a few weeks ago and there was just a Mexican PGA qualifying tournament here just before that.

This video is for promotional purposes only .

Estrella Del Mar Golf Course Video


Lily Camera Update / Phantom 3 returned

Well I was supposed to get my Lily Camera in February but it now appears it will be this summer before the first batch of em are ready. There is a wristband transmitter now integrated that looks pretty cool. I am excited to get the unit but am a little dissapointed they are taking so long. I paid for this last spring and the postponement is a bit frustrating. Meanwhile DJI now has a Phantom 4 they’ve released that will maneuver automatically around obstacles, as opposed to crashing into them. It uses 2 sensors in the front and 2 on the bottom to detect trees houses, signs, or anything else that the aircraft might run into. It detects up to 50ft in front and up to 30 ft below.

I finally got my phantom 3 back from the firmware repair issues I had all winter. I’ll be posting a new video as soon as the rain lets up around here. I’ve also registered my drone with the FAA and have a # now issued by them to show I’ve acknowledged and will comply with the guidelines they have set forth which include not flying at stadiums and large festivals, staying below 400 ft, keeping the aircraft within line of sight, and not flying within 5 miles of an airport.