Repairs and Delivery of Phantom 3 too late

Well I’m back in Mexico for another stay but regrettably do not have the Phantom 3 with me. When I was here in December there was a critical error in the firmware update I was attempting. I had to send it for repairs once I returned to the states. Even with my plea’s to repair the unit and get it back to me within 3 weeks, DJI service failed to accomplish the seemingly achievable task. Shipping to the area of Mexico I’m staying was not conducent to a safe accident free shipment and I opted against it. I am extremely disappointed as I am here for a month without the drone. That is why there have been no new posts recently but I hope to be back on track with in a couple of weeks.

Firmware Update Failed and I’m Waiting for Repairs

Well it was not what I had in mind for the Phantom 3 when I left for Mexico in November but I was able to get some decent footage before the firmware update situation I’ve been experiencing. The firmware would not install on my aircraft and I was unable to fly it the last 10 days of my trip. I sent it back for repairs when I got home and am still waiting for the Phantom 3 to be returned. It appears I will have to have them ship it to Mexico when its ready as I will already be in Mexico before before it would arrive here in the US. That’s not completely in my comfort zone as I’ve heard some things about shipping to Mazatlan that don’t sound real great. Hopefully there will be a smooth shipping and receiving process and I will be back in the air without a hitch. Hopeful to be posting some more footage from the Island and the Mazatlan area again soon.

The firmware is easy to install and shouldn’t have been a problem so I’m not clear on what happened yet. I’ll know more in the coming week and I’m sure I’ll learn something new in the process.

I’ll be registering my aircraft in February to meet the new FAA requirements for the Phantom 3 Advanced. Another $5.00 to the man for some more safety and protection I suppose right? Keep the idiots in check….and that takes money. Same old story as soon as anything goes mainstream. People are gonna abuse it….and then it gets regulated. It costs to regulate of course so there you have it. Hope it results in a safer place for drones and drone pilots.

Apparently the new firmware is enhancing the ability of the phantom 3 to withstand colder temperatures and still operate properly. We’ll put that to the test when we return in February.

Hope to be posting some new aerial footage soon.