Smokey views South of Post Falls, ID

This week I have some clips and footage from my bro’s place south of Post Falls Idaho. Smoke is filling the air and from just a couple miles south of Post Falls you can’t even see the valley. Great example of how dry things are around here and why he and so many others are nervous about wildfire. This video also shows how versatile the Phantom 3 is for taking 360,s straight down shots and property inspection.

Smoke Filled Skies South of Post Falls, Idaho from Jed Vaughn on Vimeo.

Road House Bar and Grill Volleyball Tourney

Here’s a video for the upcoming volleyball tournament at The Road House in the Spokane Valley. Theres clips here from a couple different dates. I will at the tourney with the drone in September. I have missed the actual tournament in the past so I’m hoping to get some great shots with a full crowd and some different angles on the next one.

VolleyBall Tourney 9-6-2015 from Jed Vaughn on Vimeo.

Starr Road Veggie Garden

Here’s some clips of the produce garden down the road on the corner of Starr Rd and Wellesley avenue in Otis Orchards. The sound track ends a bit abruptly on this one as I forgot to fade at the end before saving the movie. More practice on flying, capturing different angles and editing. Be sure to catch my daughter Ashley’s windmill towards the end. Having a little fun with it !!

Newman Lake, Washington

Did a little fishing at Newman with the grandson and got a couple shots of the public launch and Newman Lake. We are on the North side facing South. The wind was really strong and the drone really handled it well but I shut it down pretty quick. It was start to gust and I could tell the aircraft was fighting it quite a bit with the GPS. Alex was fishing out on the dock. Nice day to be at the lake even with the wind.

Newman Lake, WA from Jed Vaughn on Vimeo.